There are a few World of Warcraft players on Twitter that know the name @yoggsaron. This Old God villain slogged his way onto the scene a few months back, and has sinced evolved into a ... plushie.

No joke. He turned himself into a plushie. It's a story too long to recount from here, but needless to say anyone who's been following @yoggsaron from the beginning has watched him evolve from a life-hating Old God of death, madness, and insanity, into a plushie pillow-like creature with a sometimes overly obvious crush on an innocent tauren druid named @Cadistra.

Again ... no joke. At one point, @Cadistra (the lovely Kelly Aarons from the World of Warcraft, Eh? web comic) drew what she calls a "silly doodle" of Cadistra cuddling on a plushieform Yogg-Saron. Yeah, he had *poofed* himself into a plushieform over Twitter by this time, but Cadistra actually gave him a "face" so-to-speak. Her "silly doodle" was a hit.

Cadistra's Infamous "Silly Doodle:"

She was even awesome enough to draw a multi-view sketch of "Yoggy" as he's come to be known:

It was from this sketch that I drew inspiration to actually craft a real Yogg-Saron plushie. I did a few sketches, but finally settled on emulating the background image that Yoggy had chosen for himself as both his icon on Twitter and the background to his page.

Yoggy Icon:

The results of my design and stitching efforts are what you see in the photographs below. He's just a prototype right now, and he needs at least one more refinement before I'll truly consider the design "done." But I wanted to let the community see him, since he's gotten sorta popular...

Here he is, folks, Cuddle Me Yoggy! Smile for your audience, Yoggs. And yes, those are little hearts on the fabric. AND YES, THEY'RE ALSO ON HIS BELLY!

Aerial view of his multi-maws. I had to cut 'em down to about 5. Next iteration may make the maws smaller overall. Not sure yet, though.

Side view ... OF MADNESS AND INSANITY! ... *coughs* ... sorry. He told me to say that.

Yoggy's butt! Finished version this time.

Other side... OF DEMENTIA!

Yoggy, stop showing off... -.-

What are my future plans for Cuddle Me Yoggy? I don't know, really. I WILL be making a few of these and sending them off to a few important people, and I've been requested to make more. But with a full time job, guild, blog, and life to manage, putting myself into the plush toy assembly market may be difficult. Worse comes to worst, I'll clean up and post the patterns for him so others can try their hand at constructing a Cuddle Me Yoggy of their own.

In his immortal words: MADNESS AND INSANITY!