Crimson: Onslaught
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You awaken to the sound of an alarm bell ringing in the distance. Your blood runs cold as you realize what it means: the Gorathi have come.

Running to your window, you peer out over the red soil that marks the land they've named "Crimson", the land they believe destroyed their home. On the distant horizon, you can see the hard silhouettes of the Gorathi machines of war.

The mechanical constructs march unceasingly towards your fortress home, their crystal eyes burning with the fire of the creators' hatred. The ground beneath your feet begins to tremble slightly as the approaching weight of the steel beasts shakes the earth.

It is now time to prove yourself. You have been an arcanist within the Order of the Wall for nearly a year now. Inexperienced though you may be, this is your duty. You are one of a small handful of elite arcanists charged with protecting this fortress.

You will not forsake your blood duty to your people.

You will defend against the onslaught.

Gathering your courage, you don your armor and cloak and head to your post on the wall...


The land of Crimson has been in turmoil ever since it was ripped from its world ages ago. Few remember that time, and those who do are approaching the status of immortal.

Long ago, one of the gods of the land was hunted by his peers. Fleeing from the deadly warriors tracking him, the god known as Malfias fled this reality by tearing the dimensional veil apart.

Seeing the devastation caused by the tear, the hunters held back and did their best to mend the rift. Unfortunately it was too late for some, for much of the nation known as Gorathi was lost to the dimensional void.

The only way that the hunters could repair the damage was to bring in physical matter from another reality. Thus, the land now known as Crimson was ripped from its world and placed across the chasm where the heart of Gorath once stood.

The Gorathi, having always despised the magical arts hated the people of this new, reddish land for their magical affinity. It was magic that stole their land from them, and they believed it would be magic that would end the rest of the world.

Since then, the Gorathi have strived to scour the surface of the land they have christened "Crimson". Using their technological prowess, they continually build hordes of relentless machines and send them at the weakening fortresses along the border.

No fortresses have fallen to the Gorathi onslaught yet. For the arcanists of the Order of the Wall are a deadly school. Rare though they may be, they are capable of turning the tide of almost any battle.

However, even the most skilled arcanist can only survive for so long against an onslaught of this caliber.


Copyright 2008 Richard Powell