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"I seek not followers, only equals."
-Shan'do Tharion Greyseer

Bound to the dark essence of that which they hunt, the demon hunters of Azeroth fight a cursed war against the Burning Legion.

This site is a resource for all those interested in the demon hunters in Warcraft, from roleplayers, to lore junkies, to storytellers. If you are interested in demon hunters, this is the place to visit.

You will also find here information on the Netherbane itself, an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. We are a school for demon hunters in the world, taught by Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.

Whether you are here for the lore, the guild, or the storytelling, you are welcome.

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We’re Not Dead! It Was A Joke!

Just an official notice to those passers-by: the “We’re Closing Our Doors” post was an April Fool’s joke. The Netherbane is still alive and kicking, although the state of activity within this pre-Cataclysm lull is a bit lighter than usual. Still, we’re here, we’re doing things, and we haven’t shut anything down.

The Netherbane is Closing Its Doors

Yes, gang. While it’s been a great time, the Netherbane is finally closing it’s doors. Yep. After all these years, those doors are closing. The garage door, the front door, the car door—all will be shut after today. Even the bathroom door (hey! Privacy, people! Demon hunters need it, too!)

It’s been so long, and I can no longer afford to keep the air condition running any more. I need a sealed environment, away from the ravages of weather and roaming packs of hungry coyotes. Seriously, the post-apocalyptic brigands were also becoming a handful.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I shut all these doors. It’s for the better, really. Things will be safer, warmer (or cooler), and just a little more quiet.

Take care, all. Don’t invite the vampires in, but always welcome your UPS delivery dude.

Doors, use them.

Oh, and as for the RP, casual raiding, stories, and general demon hunter shirtlessness? That’ll keep going as it has been.


Netherbane RP Announcement


I’m the Netherbane’s Warpriestess, Lannia Winterstorm. I’m going to be helping our dear Shan’do Tharion Greyseer by keeping track of RP. I encourage you to contact me to tell me about your future RP and summaries and comments about RP that just happened.

There are two questions that occur most often, especially to those of us who might not be able to make it on as often.

  • What RP is occurring in the near future?
  • What’s been going on in RP?

As a guild, I want to try and pull the answers to these together so that people can more easily determine what’s going on. So, please do your best to help me with this. *smiles*

Scheduled RP
(uses Guild Calendar)
I need the following information about scheduled RP. This can be sent to @Netherbane on Twitter or netherbane.earthenring(at)gmail.com.

  • For Email Only: Subject line should be “Scheduled RP [date] [time]“. Replace Date and Time with the Event information.
  • Public or Private* (Please see note at the bottom of the post)
  • Date and Server Time that the event is occurring
  • Brief Description/Purpose

RP Summary
(Weekly post at this time on the Netherbane front page)
This is a write up a summary you wish me to post on RP. Please only email me summaries please. It would be difficult to pull together a summary write up from Twitter. Summaries may not be used word for word in every case.

  • Subject line should be “RP Summary [date] [time]“. Replace Date and Time with the Event information.
  • In the main message please include the date and time the RP occurred again (general time frames are fine).
  • Summary of RP

Please use @Netherbane on Twitter or netherbane.earthenring(at)gmail.com to contact me about RP questions.

Thank you all for making the Netherbane great!


-Lannia Winterstorm

*Private means a limited invitation, while Public is anyone is allowed to join in. If Private, then list out the character names involved. Only these people will be on the in-game invite I send to track, otherwise everyone who opts in will receive the invite.

For the Lore Podcast Interviews … Me!

This whole “getting interviewed” thing is still a new experience to me, but it’s definitely something that can be rather fun.

This past Monday I had the honor of being the first guest over on the For the Lore podcast, hosted by Roger (@forthelore), Joe (@lodurzj), and Enrique (@spoonwolf, who wasn’t present due to real life matters). The podcast itself covers the lore of various different games, but World of Warcraft is definitely one of them.

The episode can be downloaded here for those interested in listening to me babble incessantly about Warcraft lore, roleplay, and storytelling.

Tharion Greyseer on the Twisted Nether Blogcast Live!

So your favorite night elf demon hunter named Tharion Greyseer is going to be interviewed on the Twisted Nether Blogcast! Yes, this is an out of character interview, and it’ll most likely discuss Warcraft lore, BlizzCon, and a few other things they may choose to fling my way.

Feel free to come on over! The interview is being held on Thursday, September 3rd, at 9:30 PST. Click on the badge below for more information!


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