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"I seek not followers, only equals."
-Shan'do Tharion Greyseer

Bound to the dark essence of that which they hunt, the demon hunters of Azeroth fight a cursed war against the Burning Legion.

This site is a resource for all those interested in the demon hunters in Warcraft, from roleplayers, to lore junkies, to storytellers. If you are interested in demon hunters, this is the place to visit.

You will also find here information on the Netherbane itself, an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. We are a school for demon hunters in the world, taught by Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.

Whether you are here for the lore, the guild, or the storytelling, you are welcome.

Stories and Articles Featured Stories and Articles ( 07|21|2008 )

Weekly RP Review, Lannia Edition

Welcome to this week’s RP in review. Today we have a special edition as we welcome two new members into our midst. Also, this is wrote from Araatris’ point of view as there were parts of RP that I was not able to see and I am not able to remember every detail. Please don’t murder me if I paraphrased, just let me know if I got it wrong. If there’s something that I missed that you would like to be added please feel free to email (netherbane at Gmail) or twitter (@netherbane).

Welcome Alexia and Versuvius! We look forward to your RP and ideas!

Wednesday 5/5/2010: Versuvius Arrives at the Site of Lessons

The evening was still early when Versuvius arrived at the Site of Lessons. Nearby in the refugee camp, Kharendos met him and they discussed what, or rather who, Versuvius was searching for. Araatris arrived shortly after, greeting Kharendos and welcoming Versuvius. Araatris listened and when she discovered that he was searching for the Netherbane, she pointed him towards the building.

They continued speaking for a few moments when Araatris noted Tharion’s arrival at the ruined building they used at the Site of Lessons. She led the group to Tharion, whom she greeted with a bow. Versuvius followed suit asking him if he was Tharion Greyseer.

Araatris joined Fethas and Tsunomi, who arrived a few minutes later, further within the building as Fethas made tea. Araatris offered tea to everyone, although, she strangely hesitated with Tharion. Soon, she rejoined Fethas and Tsunomi and gathered her own cup. Elishtar arrived and joined them.

Discussion led into Versuvius’ reasons for seeking out the Netherbane. Kharendos was curious as to his choice as well since it seemed that he would have been well-suited to being a Vindicator. However, Versuvius assured them that it wasn’t until Norbundo that he started to find his true path and be able to fight. Previously, he had been very scholarly and only able to assist with the wounded. He wished to no longer be helpless and watch those he cared about in danger or die.

Tharion suggested they head towards Demon Fall Canyon with the many of the Netherbane that had gathered as honor guard. As they walked, they talked about Versuvius’ daughter who was in Stormwind. Apparently, much to her father’s dismay, she’s run off with a human that he doesn’t trust. Araatris and Kharendos politely avoided mentioning their relationship.

They neared the area where the demons surrounding Demon Fall. Tharion paused at the bridge and asked Versuvius what he thought. Araatris slipped away for a moment and attacked several demons along with a few others of the Honor Guard. When she came back, Tharion was motioning for everyone to continue.

They headed to the entrance of Demon Fall Canyon and once again paused. Tharion asked Versuvius what he felt. After a few moments, he replied that it felt heavy. Tharion said to remember the feeling as it would never go away. As they continued inward, Araatris commented that the feeling demons gave each person seemed to differ. Versuvius, curious, asked what she felt. To her it was a sickening smell that made her uneasy. He pondered on that.

The Honor Guard cut through the demons easily as we made our way up to Mannoroth’s Glaive. There Tharion asked a question familiar to many of the students there.

“This is when I… and many of my students choose to meditate. Why do you think we choose this place?”

Versuvius thought about it for several moments before responding. He talked about a person who hunted criminals and how he began to think like them after tracking them for so long. This person had become like the criminals he sought in order to better life for others.

Tharion nodded expanded upon the reason. (I tend to leave certain things out about the lessons as they are key elements of training best left to RP.) As they discussed old and new friends came upon them. Hath came to offer greetings. A lady named Ambrosine happened upon the group. And finally Alexia.

At the end of the discussion, and after many assurances that Versuvius did want to pursue the path despite its dangers, Tharion offered him a formal place in the Netherbane as a student. The other students welcomed him gladly. Kharendos offered his help if he required any since they followed similar paths.

Alexia Enters

After Versuvius had officially become a student, Tharion turned to Alexia. Mentioning that the last time they had met had been under Mannoroth’s Glaive. She agreed mentioning that she had been back several times since.

He asked if she still wished what she had then. Alexia said that she did blaming stubbornness as the reason. That raised several smiles throughout the group and many commented that they had to be more stubborn than the demons.

As the conversation died down, Tharion offered her the same as Versuvius. A place to study among the Netherbane. Alexia agreed and everyone welcomed her as well. It was unusual to have so many join the path in one night. Tharion smiled, an uncommon occurrence to say the least as he usually grinned, and commented.

“It seems that this is also a place of new beginnings.”

Conversation was idle talk for a time until Versuvius, Alexia, Hath, and Ambrosine needed to leave. Tharion suggested as others left that they should head back to the Site.

A Private Conversation with Tharion

Once at the Site, Araatris begged a moment to speak privately with Tharion and they pardoned themselves from the group. They went to the far side of the refugee camp where idle ears were few. They spoke of Araatris’ demonic influences and the guile of her particular demon, Malorin.

Tharion expressed concern and reminded Araatris of her path. The path that she had chosen. A bit more grounded, Araatris was grateful for reactions. As always he was a guide along her way. It was clear that they were both aware that Malorin had gained ground and if she hadn’t spoke up… If she hadn’t went to Tharion… It could have been very dangerous to say the least.

With her parents in mind to keep her purpose in mind, Araatris felt more in control and determined that secrets were the tools of her demon, so she would need to be careful in the future.

Once voiced, they did not have the same hold on her and this particular battle had been scarcely won. They headed back to the Site.

Elishtar’s Story

They arrived back to see Elishtar with Tsunomi, Kharendos, and Fethas. Elishtar sat at the fire huddling in on herself, much like a child that had been bad in Araatris’ thoughts. Araatris moved next to Kharendos and moved so his arm was about her. Elishtar spoke quickly to Tharion.

“I was told you wished to speak with me.”

“Perhaps I wish for you to speak with me. To tell me what I have heard from others, from you.”

Without pretense, Elishtar launched into her story. Elithe had a binding of Tharion’s that he had… messed with and caused unexpected results. Elishtar was his wife and had been carrying his child. Apparently, an Eredar child. There had been a succubus that she had hunted, but unable to defeat as the demoness bound her and explained that she was fighting against the other demons.

The demoness also noted the child Elishtar was carrying and offered to help as both parent and child would die if the child was born naturally. Released, Elishtar did not only let this demon live, but later protected this demon from Darandric for the sake of her child.

The child was born healthy with the help of the demoness, but did something else that Elishtar did not expect. The succubus summoned a Defias thug and killed him, using his life energy to age the child to about 15 years old. The demoness assured Elishtar that the child would have die otherwise. Throughout this Elishtar defended her choices despite not knowing what the demoness truly wanted.

Elishtar wanted to raise her daughter, whose understanding of the world was still basic, and the pleaded for Tharion to show mercy to her daughter. Tharion only told her to bring her daughter to see him soon. He did not seem to want to make any hurried choices without seeing for himself the results of the demoness’ meddling.

Araatris, while uncomfortable with the idea, did not condemn Elishtar for her decisions. She did, however, leave soon thereafter to attend to other tasks that she had to complete for the night. The others continued the discussion for a while.

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