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"I seek not followers, only equals."
-Shan'do Tharion Greyseer

Bound to the dark essence of that which they hunt, the demon hunters of Azeroth fight a cursed war against the Burning Legion.

This site is a resource for all those interested in the demon hunters in Warcraft, from roleplayers, to lore junkies, to storytellers. If you are interested in demon hunters, this is the place to visit.

You will also find here information on the Netherbane itself, an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. We are a school for demon hunters in the world, taught by Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.

Whether you are here for the lore, the guild, or the storytelling, you are welcome.

Stories and Articles Featured Stories and Articles ( 07|21|2008 )

Weekly RP Review, Lannia Edition

There was a bit of a hiccup and I didn’t post my weekly review last week. Also, I would like to WELCOME LAHRUNA to the Netherbane! Please be careful with the eye-poking. We don’t want to scare her…yet. *grins* Also, standard thing, if I forgot something please let me know and I can add it. My memory is flawed and sometimes we have a lot going on during RP that I can’t catch.

Monday 05/26/2010: Araatris, Kharendos, Edesia, and Versuvius talk at the Site
Araatris was doing her normal work around the Site of Lessons when Versuvius arrived. As they chatted, Kharendos and later Edesia, joined them. They talked about the path of a Demon Hunter and about current events. After a while Araatris excused herself to go train while the others continued to chat.

Wednesday 05/28/2010: Kalimdor Patrol Night – Meeting with Eraelan
Everyone met up at the Site of Lessons to begin the nightly patrol. Fethas led the patrol out. As the travels began, Araatris, Moxsunti, and Taldarion chatted as Araatris tried to figure out how the mysterious Moxsunti knew her. Tharion seemed to be on the look out for someone as they stopped by some naga ruins. Kharendos traveled quietly along by Araatris as a spirit wolf.

Tharion bolted off and many others followed, including an impatient Mauvanah. After a moment’s delay, Araatris and Kharendos also followed at Taldarion’s urging. Much to Araatris’ surprise they came up on an unfamiliar night elf… well, unfamiliar until she heard the others mention his name. Eraelan Netherbane.

The hackles rose on the others and Mauvanah faded back. Eraelan had no friends in Tharion or his students. Elistar and Versuvius watched quietly from the side lines. Kharendos stood up as if a wall between the others and Eraelan recommending that all hear him out as attacking wouldn’t solve anything.

Eraelan explained that the artifacts being gathering wouldn’t work on Xonath and recommended that they try the same thing that they had attempted on him. Seal Xonath into an item and this time make sure it worked, unlike his. He confirmed many things that made Araatris uneasy, including the fact that not even bodies were needed to create the Risen.

Even after he left, reaction ran rampant through the group. Kharendos watched helplessly as Araatris broke down upset that her parents could be under Xonath’s control. Mauvanah slipped away. Elishtar was caught up on current events. Taldarion, Moxsunti, and Fethas were livid at Eraelan’s appearance.

Moxsunti slipped away in the emotional turmoil caused by Tharion’s mentor and Tsunomi arrived. Receiving a brief explanation, Tsunomi was caught in the disjointed moment and stepped away feeling out of the loop. Araatris attempted to be there, but found her own mental state lacking to offer any support. So much so that Taldarion took a page out of Shizukera’s book. “Sometimes Shizukera’s actions do better than this one’s words.” Thusly, Taldarion briefly hugged a shocked Araatris.

Tsunomi walked away and an uneasy Araatris slipped over to Fethas for a moment. She confirmed that Fethas was able to actually kill the Risen permanently, but that it was something only she could do. And Fethas seemed to understand as it seemed her own parents may be involved in the madness. With that small comfort, Araatris noticed Taldarion walk back from where Tsunomi had disappeared and she excused herself from the distracted Fethas.

Araatris gingerly called out for Tsunomi and greeted her. Tsunomi was upset and Araatris said that she understood. She didn’t quite understand everything that was going on. The chatted and shared hugs before Tharion, Taldarion, Elishtar, and Fethas joined them.

Tsunomi was still very upset as she called Tharion out on how he treated Araatris and herself and the lack of information. Araatris quietly responded when questioned by Tharion that she meant no disrespect to him. Tharion and the others explained more of what had been going on, including with Tsunomi’s future self Moxsunti.

The mood darkened by the night’s events, the final few left to finish the patrol.

Monday 05/31/2010: Kharendos and Araatris at the Site of Lessons
Araatris is training with a shaky hand at the Site of Lessons when Kharendos arrives. He gently soothes her and supports her as she rants and cries about her parents. His presence is calm and reassuring and he manages to help her reaffirm that the best thing she can do is to train and prepare herself.

She shows Kharendos with a new red robe that’s reminiscent of her current kilt that she’s finishing up. He likes the dignified look. After a rather interesting and amusing request from Araatris, they go back to her resting place to relax the rest of the evening.

Wednesday 06/02/2010: Kalimdor Patrol Night – Xeldrann interrupts the Patrol
This time everyone met at Maestra’s Post for the patrol. Araatris joined Fethas quietly only briefly exchanging a greeting. Taldarion and Shizukera joined soon after along with Calithos. Araatris had to keep from laughing at Shizu’s antics as she leapt into Taldarion’s arms.

Calithos was proclaiming a new paedus called a Darnapae as Tharion, Tsunomi, Versuvius, Kharendos, Falowin, and Elishtar arrived. Convincing Tharion that this was a good idea, he had him try to the new Darnapae. Everyone watched in a mixture of confusion and worry, depending on if they knew what had happened the first time.

There seemed to be no obvious ill affects and Tharion seemed to enjoy it, even if he did manage to say a few odd things. Tsunomi tried one and gave a small piece to the curious Araatris as they headed out. They went towards a nearby shrine in Ashenvale before a sick looking Araatris lagged behind and moved to a tree.

Tsunomi comforted the sick girl and watched from afar as something began happening. Xeldrann, another draenei was trying to get Kharendos to come back with him. Araatris watched as he was berated for being with demon hunters and she stepped on next to Kharendos reassuringly. He turned his eyes on her and firmly put down the familiarity that she was showing towards Khar.

Kharendos stood firmly and did not back down. He would stay with the Netherbane. Xeldrann left with an ominous comment that next time Kharendos would return with him. Araatris’ hackles raised and when Khar mentioned that he would handle this, she stood her ground that she would not let him do it alone. Kharendos “expected no less.”

Lahruna and Skyleaf also quietly joined and were greeted at the discussed this strange visitor. Slowly they headed towards the Site of Lessons as they finished their patrol and Araatris split off to train.

Thursday 06/03/2010: Araatris’ Lesson with Tharion
Araatris sat sharpening her blades as Falowin greeted her. Very shortly after, Tharion stepped into the Site of Lessons in full armor. It was an odd sight to see Tharion as he changed out his upper armor for a more familiar view. If Araatris had a way to describe her Shan’do in the moment, she would have used vulnerable. Without his mask, he seemed… naked somehow. Falowin commented on Tharion’s lack of mask and they discussed…”fashion” for lack of a better word.

Finally, Tharion turned to Araatris confirming that the did, in fact, have a lesson. Falowin excused himself as Tharion had Araatris walk with him. They traveled towards Aszhara and Tharion questioned what Araatris saw, including stopping at a nearby graveyard to ensure it was untouched. He talked to her about the land, it’s state, and how it once was. He told her about Queen Aszhara.

Fascinated, Araatris asked a few questions, but found herself distracted by the land and its occupants… the naga. The once highborne. The ghosts of what once was. The city was a tragic beauty that enamored her and she commented to Tharion at one point the she wished she could have seen it in its glory.

Tharion finally guided her down to the beach and they began swimming from isle to isle. Ill equipped, Araatris was forced to set her robe aside for the swim… much to her embarrassment. She would not be unprepared next time. It broke her respectful demeanor of calling him Shan’do as she told him forcefully to shut it as he seemed to pause and turn around as if to comment. He had ‘eyes in the back of his head’ and Araatris knew he didn’t need to turn around to know what she’d done. He had done it to irk her… and it worked.

Upon reaching their destination, Tharion greeted Loramus Thalipedes, the demon hunter on the isle. Tharion took Araatris to the other side and worked with her on immolation. A skill which she had tried, but had not had much success with. Showing her the feat in action, Araatris was unable to repeat it. He used the same word he’d used to stop his own immolation to stop hers after he grabbed the wrist of the burning hand.

“You still have a ways to walk.”

“I would not be Thero’shan, if I didn’t have a ways to walk still.”

This earned a grin from Tharion as he noted that she was trying too hard. She adjusted and was able to create a slightly steadier flame, but was unable to… release it so that it would stop on its own. Tharion took her wrist again and said the word clearly again. The flames ceased and Tharion told her that if she couldn’t do it on her own, then that word would.

He introduced her officially to Loramus, whom she would be traveling to his isle for practice and advice and perhaps in the future… even learning to use the glaives like he had. Fethas stopped by to offer some advice as Tharion left. She offered Araatris the best advice of the night.

“Don’t imagine it like fire, but rather… green water.”

Fethas left as Araatris focused on her training.

Sunday 06/06/2010: Ryni’s Bad News
Araatris was back from training in Aszhara and trying to barter for some tea in Auberdine when Ryni found her. Excusing herself, she greeted a worried Ryni who explained that something had happened to Kharendos and that he was blind. Almost sick with worry, Araatris asked Ryni to lead her to him.

They traveled to the Exodar where they met with Tsunomi and Araatris finally entered the inn where Kharendos was recovering. His back was to them and towards a bookcase as they approached. As he turned around, a black blindfold covered his eyes. Tsunomi asked what had happened as Araatris attempted to control her feelings. He told them what had happened and Araatris felt awkward. Tsunomi checked the wound to ensure it was healing correctly. It was not a sight that Araatris would soon forget, though she did not speak it.

Tsunomi pushed Ryni out of the room, noting Araatris’ reaction and calling her out on it when she attempted to say that she was fine. As the others left, Kharendos reached out to Araatris and she grasped his hand in both of her hers. They spoke quietly as Araatris was assured that Kharendos would be alright despite Xeldrann’s attack and removing his eyes.

The others returned to find the couple embraced in a chaste kiss. An embarrassed Araatris broke contact as they returned and spoke some more. Ryni slipped away and Araatris grabbed some food for Tsunomi, Kharendos, and herself. Comforted by the fact that while Kharendos seemed awkward that he was cautiously using his senses, Araatris forced herself not to help him. He did make a request for Araatris to help him learn how to blind fight, a task that Araatris accepted.

Taldarion stopped by to check on Kharendos and an out of sorts Araatris. He left quickly without eating. Tsunomi seemed ill at ease, but after confronted assured them that it was a secret that was hers alone. Letting it slide, they continued to talk, and Araatris found out that Tsunomi was lonely because she hadn’t seen her love recently. Commenting that Tsunomi always had the Netherbane, Araatris received an unexpected response.

“Yes, but I’m sure that the rest of the Netherbane does not treat you as Kharendos does.”

An embarrassed Araatris, sitting next to Kharendos, agreed. Araatris and Kharendos both assured her that she was important to them; much to Tsunomi’s embarrassment. And that they would be there for her and wished her the best. Tsunomi left as it was obvious that Kharendos was tiring. Araatris watched as he made his own way to the bed and lay down. Kissing him gently on the forehead, Araatris sat nearby watchfully… resting lightly in case she was needed.

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