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"I seek not followers, only equals."
-Shan'do Tharion Greyseer

Bound to the dark essence of that which they hunt, the demon hunters of Azeroth fight a cursed war against the Burning Legion.

This site is a resource for all those interested in the demon hunters in Warcraft, from roleplayers, to lore junkies, to storytellers. If you are interested in demon hunters, this is the place to visit.

You will also find here information on the Netherbane itself, an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. We are a school for demon hunters in the world, taught by Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.

Whether you are here for the lore, the guild, or the storytelling, you are welcome.

Stories and Articles Featured Stories and Articles ( 07|21|2008 )

I know it’s been quiet, but here’s some RP to read about. A recap of Sedrai’s recent RP including her meeting the Netherbane! Please enjoy!

Session 1: Sedrai’s Introduction
While meeting in Darnassus, Taldarion, Shizukera and others were interrupted when an unknown draenei approached, seeking Tharion to deliver some goods. As the Shan’do was unavailable, the messenger lingered for a short while to wait for him, eventually introducing herself as Sedrai and meeting some of the members of the Netherbane. When Tharion became available, she delivered some goods from Felwood to him and inquired if he had any tasks she might perform for him, as she was “currently unoccupied”. Tharion asked her to find a man named Danal Moontreader and “keep watch”.

“Is he friend or foe?” was the only question she asked before accepting the duty, to which Tharion replied, “To us, foe. To you, neither.”

Session 2: Meeting Moontreader
Days later, Sedrai “conveniently” entered the ruins of the old Keep at Honor Hold to find a night elf in red and white robes staring out over the barren land. She struck up an innocuous conversation, and the two spent quite a while discussing the philosophy of life… and death. He made reference to the inevitability of chaos and the futility of most heroes’ attempts to restore order to the two worlds. He also mentioned that he raised the dead to serve his cause, one that was … considerably less optimistic than the Alliance she’d served, thus far. While incriminating details were kept to a minimum, Sedrai asked questions and posed arguments that drew out as much information on who and what he served as she could… and left the impression that she might not be entirely opposed to what little he revealed.

Before leaving, he dropped the cryptic idea that “life is merely a side-effect of a mistake that will soon be corrected.”

They parted ways, that first night, without even bothering to make introductions, though Sedrai already knew his name: Danal Moontreader.

Session 3: The Philosophy
After another week or so, the two bumped into each other in the same location, striking up another conversation. This time, Sedrai remedied the oversight of their previous meeting, introducing herself. She officially learned that “this shell was once called Danal Moontreader” and was bidden to feel free to use the name. They once again discussed philosophy, this time more overtly as Sedrai expressed her frustration with the corruption she’d seen in her recent adventures throughout both worlds.

“At times, I fear this great beast is too badly wounded to be saved, that all I – and those like me – do in our attempts to heal it is prolong its suffering. It could be kinder to just let it die.”

Moontreader responded that he chose to MAKE it die, which prompted Sedrai to ask many questions about what would be left after existence was ended. The discussion continued with allusions to the fact that the “order” of the universe and the Light that served it were an unnatural state brought on by the “arrogance of those who called themselves Shapers” and that his cause chose to help return everything to the way it should be, to pure chaos. By the end of the night, Sedrai acknowledged openly that she saw sense in his views and would give them thought. Moontreader observed that her people had already been called to serve long ago, and if she chose it, she could walk that same path.

They parted very soon after.

“You have given me much to consider, Danal.”

Session 4: Friendship
The next night, Ryni and Sedrai bumped into each other while questing in the Outlands. Previously unknown to each other, they struck up an evening’s partnership and the beginnings of a friendship while performing tasks for the Cenarion Expedition and Honor Hold. They parted when the hour grew late, knowing little more than each other’s names and an easy camaraderie.

Session 5: Who’s Side
True to her word, Sedrai contacted Tharion soon after her second meeting with Moontreader, requesting a chance to report on what she’d learned. They met a few nights later in the Sight of Learning, stepping off to have their conversation while Ryni, Araatris, Fethas and a few other Netherbane continued their activities. Naturally, Ryni and Araatris proceeded to do their level best to eavesdrop on the discourse.

During the course of the draenei’s report, she revealed what she had learned in her discussions with Moontreader. … and also revealed the fact that she’d HAD discussions with Moontreader. Tharion had expected her to do little more than locate the night elf, and was surprised that she’d had such close contact. He decided to warn her about just who and WHAT Moontreader was: the undead host of the nathrezim Xonath. Sedrai took this in stride, including his warnings about how dangerously seductive the demon’s words could be. She assured him that she was not swayed by their conversations, though she had been careful to give Xonath the opposite impression.

Tharion was disturbed to realize that Moontreader’s choice of view in Honor Hold suggested he was communicating or otherwise tied to the demons of Kil’Jaeden’s Throne. He needed more information, and so he asked Sedrai to continue to gain access and inform on Xonath. They parted after Tharion gave her a fragment of bone encrusted with dried blood to give to Xonath. “He will know what it means.”

The session continues from here with Tharion’s admission to the eavesdroppers that he considers it likely that Sedrai was in danger of being swayed, Ryni’s decision to follow and support Sedrai in her mission, Fethas’ stringent opposition to the point of violence, and some pokes at the morality of Tharion’s conscious decision to risk sacrificing the outsider to his mission.

(( Sedrai’s reflection on her interactions with Moontreader at this point is posted on the forums: “Insidious Voice” post 1. ))

Session 6: A Follower
The third meeting with Danal Moontreader was also at Honor Hold, but while Sedrai waited for him to arrive, she found that Ryni had followed her there. They spoke briefly, Ryni revealing that she’d come to support Sedrai in her mission as well as to make her own request to the demon. The draenei was not pleased about her presence, but conceded that it was her right, verifying first that Ryni truly understood the danger involved in dealing with Xonath. Sedrai passed the bone fragment Tharion had given her to Ryni, preferring that all of her own ties to the Netherbane remain hidden from the demon.

Moontreader arrived as they finished talking, and Ryni initially hid her presence. Sedrai joined him in his contemplation of the land, eventually revealing that not only had she been waiting to see him again, but that she was ready and willing to join him. She expressed the new conclusion that “this beast cannot be saved”, telling him the story of Crusader Bridenbrad as the moment she realized her old beliefs were wrong. Moontreader laughed at the ultimate failure of each of the major “powers” in Azeroth to save him.

At that point, Ryni made her presence known and introduced herself to Moontreader. She gave him the bone fragment from Tharion, and he revealed that it was a reminder that the Greyseer had been stealing his stores of the Innocent blood that powered his Risen. Ryni then asked him to help her control the pit lord blood that infected her, citing that though the Netherbane could not save her, she refused to simply die. Moontreader agreed that he would help her gain control over her fel side if she first earned it by helping him rebuild his stores of Innocent blood. Women and children first, as their blood made the Risen more vicious: “Kill their families, and their hope dies with them.”

He also gave the task to Sedrai, who had listened to their exchange, but been moderately distracted by some whispers and head games from Xonath. Both agreed to fulfill his request, and he left soon thereafter.

At this point, Ryni realized that Moxsunti had been hiding nearby, eavesdropping on the exchange. The other death knight left before they could confront her, and Ryni volunteered to “take care of the loose end”. She and Sedrai parted ways.

This session continues in Darnassus, I think, where Ryni faced Moxsunti, but was interrupted by Tharion and other Netherbane. The of which result was that Tharion offered her the Innocent blood he’d already stolen from Moontreader to fulfill his demand.

(( Sedrai’s next steps and the execution of Moontreader’s request are posted on the forums: “Insidious Voice” posts 2 and 3. ))

Session 7: Confrontation
Sedrai returned, wounded and exhausted, to the inn at Wintergarde Keep after her mission in Orgrimmar. Ryni, after losing the draenei’s trail for a couple days, had discovered that she was staying there and lay in wait, hidden. When Sedrai stowed the evening’s “harvest” and laid down to rest, the night elf crept out of hiding to investigate just where she’d been and what she’d been doing. She discovered the specialized dagger and the blood-filled crystal orbs. She stole two, putting them in her own pack, but as she was continuing her examination, Sedrai awoke and challenged her.

Upon realizing the intruder was Ryni, Sedrai calmed. Ryni asked questions about the death knight’s activities that Sedrai was very reluctant to answer in any detail. The rogue tried very hard to draw the draenei out, possibly testing whether she was being swayed by Xonath’s influence, but Sedrai was vague and noncommittal. Ryni brought out one of the two vials she’d stolen (keeping the other), and challenged Sedrai on the fact that she seemed upset, but the draenei dismissed her concern. She did reveal that the dagger Ryni had found was created “to spare them pain” and that she believed Ryni should know what the vials were for. Finally, the death knight became impatient and short enough on the entire topic to bluntly tell her to “Go away, Ryni.”

After tossing the one stolen orb she’d revealed and another of her own vials of Innocent blood (given to her by Tharion) on the bed to “prove” that she’d also completed the task, Ryni did as she was asked, leaving the parting shot: “I’m here to help you, Miss Sedrai. You’re going to have to trust me with the truth.”

She left Sedrai staring at the vials on her bed.

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