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Guild Articles ( 04|09|2008 )

What are demon hunters? In this article, Tharion details the core of the demon hunter path, quoting from the various official sources and elaborating on what it truly takes to walk the path.

What does it take to join the Netherbane? Why is the guild so small? What's the process of bringing aboard new members? All those questions are answered in this article.

Policies and Procedures ( 05|21|2008 )
  • | Guild Policy | 1.0 Roleplaying - Our policy on what's expected from a Netherbane roleplayer.
  • | Guild Policy | 2.0 Griefing - Griefing. Don't do it. In depth on how we define it.
  • | Guild Policy | 3.0 Leveling and Questing - An RP guild that also levels? Yep. More details within.
  • | Guild Policy | 4.0 Loot Rules - Important rules for any Netherbane instance run. Either party or raid.
  • | Guild Policy | 5.0 Attendance - How often do you have to be around? That's answered within.
The Core Lesson

"I seek not followers, only equals. This is the core tenet of my teachings. Do not walk behind me, but instead choose to walk beside me, for if I should fall in battle, the line must hold. Seek not my approval, but ask freely of my guidance. Learn not from my words, but from the deeper meaning behind them. Understand fully, then you will be able to take your place amongst the honored damned. Not until then will you truly become what I seek--an equal."

-Tharion Greyseer, Shan'do of the Netherbane

The Core Purpose

"The Netherbane's purpose, aside from providing a place for folk to comfortably roleplay the path of the demon hunter with like-minded players, is to become an unofficial fixture of the world's lore. We roleplay 'in the field,' for the most part, providing other players on our server the opportunity to 'stumble across' one of the plots or events as it would happen in the natural world. We try not to restrict our roleplay to the cities, instead choosing to blend into the background of the world Blizzard has provided us."

-Richard Powell, Player of Tharion Greyseer

Declaration of Identity

The Netherbane is an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. The guild takes the form of a "school" for demon hunters of the world, beings who make great sacrifices in order to bring the weapons of the Burning Legion to bear against the demons who threaten Azeroth and beyond.

  1. First and foremost, it is expected that each member have a clear understanding of his or her own character. This does not mean a knowledge of stats and numbers (although this does help in non-roleplaying situations), but a knowledge of your character's personality, motivations, and desires. Have this, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

  2. Second, it is expected that your character have some hatred of the Burning Legion. It is not required that your character be "good" or "evil," for these things are "labels used to color that which is but grey" (as quoted by Tharion Greyseer on multiple occasions). Seek the Legion's destruction, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

  3. Third, you are expected to have a working knowledge of the world around your character. It is not expected that you become an encyclopedia for Azerothian lore, but know enough to effectively play your character. Know your lore, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

  4. Finally, it is necessary that your character be tolerant of the path of the demon hunter. We are outcasts from own own societies because of the methods we choose to employ. Our peoples look upon us as they do any other demon, despite the sacrifices we make in the darkest places of the world. Be NOT like the others, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

If you wish to be taught, then be willing to learn. If you wish to teach, show that you are worthy of the students. If you wish to fight, then choose your weapons and march with us into the depths of the Twisting Nether itself.

For Members

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