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What did I tell ya? Birthday central, I say! Today is the birthday of a close local friend of mine, Maria Clark, a.k.a. Lannia Winterstorm in World of Warcraft and @Arcania on Twitter.

I hope today goes well for you. May you have a happy birthday today and many more to come. Uhm… although you may wish to keep that priest bubble handy around Lokker. He can, indeed, be … dangerous.

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The second comic test page, which should hopefully be up sometime next week, will be called “Heavy Chrome” (working title). This is the my concept art for the primary character’s combat mecha, the Hawk Engineering / Advanced Vehicle Industries (HEAVI) Unit 01. Code-named “Chrome.”

The purpose was to achieve a balance between old school superhero mecha anime like Voltron, Mazinger Z, and Big O and modern-style futuristic mecha.

Comments and critiques regarding whether I achieved this balance are more than welcome. Thanks in advance.

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It seems like we’re in the middle of birthday central, doesn’t it? Well, today I wish to honor another; this time it’s the birthday of a Twitter friend known as @omgitsafox (that’s just the Twitter username, folks). Happy Birthday! May you have many more to come and may they all be joyous!

This card features good ol’ Yoggy, the plushie Old God of MADNESS AND INSANITY. And apparently a Yoggy cake as well… Gotta wonder how those Faceless Ones learned how to bake, don’t ya?

Hopefully “his fwibbliness” won’t mind me using his visage. Or putting words in his mouth(s). Also, apologies for the bad framing, but plush Old Gods are just too short to actually stay in frame…

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I have a few stories that I’d love to tell visually. Some of these are World of Warcraft stories and some aren’t. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting “test pages” to this site for as many of these ideas as I can get done. After I get enough feedback, I’ll choose which one(s) I’ll pursue further.

This first one is called “T-Minus.”  The idea came to me when I thought whether a web comic could support a structure similar to the television series “24.” Instead of each episode being one hour of real-time, however, each comic page would be roughly two seconds off the countdown clock. Hence, the title “T-Minus.” The plot? Well, the first page should give a little teaser…

Note: The tonal patterns are done to emulate a black and white manga page.

Please leave feedback. I know my manga style is definitely rough and amateurish, but part of the purpose of this project is practice. I seek to improve.

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So the “super secret project” now has a name: Rusted. At least, that’s the current working title. Many things can change between now and then. When? Whenever I can get this all off the ground, of course.

Below is a piece of concept artwork from Rusted. This is me experimenting with a monochrome style to see how well it fits. Let me know what you think! Constructive comments are appreciated!

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