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I used to sketch detailed work a lot more frequently and quickly than I do today. I’ve strayed somewhat from that style in favor of pursuing something simpler and more cartoony. Not wanting to let my skills atrophy, and wanting to recover what has atrophied, I chose to use this sub-project as practice.

The Netherbane Chronicles will be (if ever actually executed), a non-regular comic posted to my World of Warcraft guild site. I bounce between wanting to sketch it all or wanting to do it using Photoshopped screen-captures of in-game models. We’ll see how it all turns out eventually, methinks. Below is an incomplete sketch of the first page. The roughs are really rough. The darker lines are the in-progress portion.

Yeah, I still have a lot of recovery to go…

November 1st marked the launch of Azeroth United’s Hearts, Hands, and Voices charity drive for the Child’s Play charity organization. Because I enjoy being a part of the Warcraft community, I’m announcing this on my personal blog in hopes of getting as much exposure as possible. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see me mention this drive across my other sites as well.

It should be noted that I’ll be contributing a special art print from MADNESS AND INSANITY (one of my two web comics) as well as a handcrafted Cuddle Me Yoggy plush toy. If you’d like to contribute something, please visit Azeroth United for more information. Or head on over to Lorecrafted and use the Chip In widget to … well, chip in!


Oh yeah, the Halloween / Hallow’s End comic for MADNESS AND INSANITY was posted yesterday. A higher resolution version of that picture will be posted here later this week for anyone who may want a wallpaper.

Finally, I fixed the DNS issue that was pointed to the old LoreCrafted site. That comic will be relaunched shortly, as well. I just wanted to get the domain issue fixed first. Rusted’s not dead by a long shot. I just needed to re-evaluate my workload and adjust some things. With that done, I can lay the foundation for the future of that story.

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