I’ve already written my opening launch day post and scheduled it for 6am tomorrow morning (in about 25 hours). I’ve also added titles and captions to every image currently in the Sketch Work Portfolio. Later today I plan to do the same for the Color and Craft Work Portfolios.

As it stands, I’m currently on track to relaunch the page officially tomorrow!

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I’ve cleared out all the old test posts and galleries, and I’ve rearranged my work portfolios with my best works from the past and present. As it stands, this site will go live on my birthday, June 18th. Fitting, I think, to relaunch my portfolio on my 30th, yes?

Stay tuned, as I still have a few captions to add to my artwork portfolios and some last minute tweaks to perform. To all who gave their opinions on this site and made this possible, I humbly thank you.

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