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Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve last posted here. There have been many reasons why silence has overtaken this portfolio, but I shall not worry about offering them to you now. Time has passed, and now I should move forward with some new creativity, eh?

Today I offer you a piece of art that I did for a GM screen. It’s an image of a custom creature I created for the first major story arc for my local group’s tabletop campaign, A Game of Hands. This things are called by many names across the world: Sovereign, Shapers, Negators… Each civilization that encounters them has chosen a different name based upon the dread that this thing inspires.

So it’s appropriate that I created a GM Screen, isn’t it? It’s meant to be cut into four 8.5×11″ panels and slipped into like The World’s Greatest Screen.┬áThis is actually one of my first attempts at properly painting in Photoshop. I’ve done colorwork before in it, but never to this extent. I’m still learning, though, so this one’s quite rough. But, hey, practice is practice!

I’ll also be posting the final painted miniature I did in the near future.


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