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It’s with great pride (and a small bit of exhaustion) that I announce the official launch of the Rusted webcomic. Yes, Rusted is the project formerly known as the Super Secret Project, and I’m glad to finally see it get its own home. Check it out at:

“But, Richard, what happened to the other comic ideas? What happened to T-Minus and HEAVIKROME?”

While I liked T-Minus as a concept, I realized pretty early that the story for that still needed some serious development. I didn’t want to commit myself to a comic before I knew where I wanted to take it. Rusted’s story is much further developed, and so each new piece of the story should come readily. As to HEAVIKROME, that’s also still incubating. I’d like to bring that back someday in the future, but not before I find the proper art style to do it justice. As it stands, the smooth, bright-colored style I had used for the concept work no longer fit the concept in my head.

Regardless, Rusted is now official! I intend to keep it updated weekly, but of course such things can be wholly dependent upon the whims of real life. The good news? I have all pages for August drawn, so I’m about a month ahead right now.

Please feel free to leave comments! I welcome anything constructive.

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I have a few stories that I’d love to tell visually. Some of these are World of Warcraft stories and some aren’t. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting “test pages” to this site for as many of these ideas as I can get done. After I get enough feedback, I’ll choose which one(s) I’ll pursue further.

This first one is called “T-Minus.”  The idea came to me when I thought whether a web comic could support a structure similar to the television series “24.” Instead of each episode being one hour of real-time, however, each comic page would be roughly two seconds off the countdown clock. Hence, the title “T-Minus.” The plot? Well, the first page should give a little teaser…

Note: The tonal patterns are done to emulate a black and white manga page.

Please leave feedback. I know my manga style is definitely rough and amateurish, but part of the purpose of this project is practice. I seek to improve.

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