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So about a month ago on Twitter, @LoreliAoD suggested a secret santa art exchange for some of the WoW community artists. Figuring that it’d be a fun thing in which to participate, I went ahead and threw my hat into the ring. In an amusing spin of coincidence, the person for whom I was to draw this gift ended up being a good online friend of mine, Ginny, otherwise known as Magicalmelonball on deviantArt or @immamoonkin on Twitter.

The pictures she posted as reference were her personal avatars, so I sketched together an amusing Christmas-themed pic that tries to showcase some of the personality seen in other works. At least, I hope it conveys some of that personality.

Merry Christmas, Ginny!
I hope you like the pic! It’s an honor to have come to know you and I wish you the best in all things in the years to come.

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Oi! So about this time last week I started my week-and-a-half “VacationCon” experience. I drove up to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend GenCon, which was as awesome and exhausting as always, came back last Sunday with a ton of schwag (paid-for schwag, the Good Stuff), and immediately got attacked by some supercold or superflu or something.

Yeah, at 8pm I was fine. By 10pm I was sneezing and coughing like no tomorrow. I’ve been down and out ever since…

And to top it off, tomorrow I fly out to Anaheim, California for BlizzCon! Yay? Indeed, yay. Although I fear how the flight will go with my sinuses treating me like they are. Regardless, this is BlizzCon, folks: a new potential World of Warcraft expansion, another chance to speak directly with the Blizzard recruiters, and another attempt to get my iPhone signed by Chris Metzen himself this time (last year I successfully snagged Samise’s sig).

For those interested in BlizzCon, but can’t make it out to Anaheim, there’s always TwizzCon! TwizzCon is the virtual convention I set up for the World of Warcraft Twitter community. It’s a way for many of us to connect virtually, over Ventrilo, webchat, and Twitter to chat up the events of BlizzCon and the like. I’ll be live blogging the show as much as I can, but I need to rely on the community members to keep up the basic activity as well. So if you’re interested, feel free to stop by the site!

Speaking of Warcraft (since that’s currently where my focus remains at this point in time), a new lore speculation article will go up on LoreCrafted in a few hours of this posting. It covers the “leaks” about Expansion 3, and has some simple justification for the potential choices made.

I’m keeping Rusted rolling, although I fear that BlizzCon may interfere with Page 4’s release next week, but we’ll see. I’ll also be developing some characters and a short story framework for BattleCorps, since I spoke with some of the Catalyst Game Labs crew at GenCon and discovered that one of my most favorite settings is in dire need of short fiction authors. That potential opportunity has me truly excited!

As it stands, though, there hasn’t been too much new on the artwork front outside of my web comics (Rusted and Madness and Insanity). Hopefully I can slide back into the groove once again when these conventions (and a move from an apartment to a house) are all settled and done.

Until then, folks, be well!

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Sorry, got caught up in the moment there…

Yeah, so this one requires a short bit of explanation. So a few days ago I was doodling some 1950’s styled pulp sci-fi rocketships. It was purely experimental, you see—me just having some fun drawing something that didn’t have  a deadline or didn’t need to convey a story. When I do this, I keep Twitter around for company while also having some television on in the background. In essence, I just try to immerse myself in bits of inspiration. It just so happened that Futurama was on at this moment, so it helped me maintain the retro design style. Albeit, it kind of heavily influenced my sketches towards the cartoony.

Go figure.

It was around this time I noticed a Twitter friend’s tweet (it was @omgitsafox, previously mentioned in her birthday post earlier this month). She said something about “zapping some s’mores.” Now, my logical mind assumes she meant she had them in the microwave. But my creative mind, due to the over saturation of rocketships and silliness, decided to conjure an image in my head.

This picture is the ultimate result of that spark of inspiration:

To Stephanie: This one’s for you! May your adventures through the depths of space be void of … s’more monsters … and stuff. Or something. *shrugs* I dunno, it sounded better in my head than it reads on screen…

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What did I tell ya? Birthday central, I say! Today is the birthday of a close local friend of mine, Maria Clark, a.k.a. Lannia Winterstorm in World of Warcraft and @Arcania on Twitter.

I hope today goes well for you. May you have a happy birthday today and many more to come. Uhm… although you may wish to keep that priest bubble handy around Lokker. He can, indeed, be … dangerous.

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Little known to many of us, today is the birthday of Kelly Aarons (a.k.a. Cadistra) from World of Warcraft, Eh? To honor that day, I drew up this quickie little digital birthday card. I hope I did at least a little justice to Cadistra’s form! I’m still practicing…

Oh yeah, I also wrote a poem.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Lokker built you a cake.
So you may want to travel form and get the heck outta the place before it explodes or something…
…seriously, I’m not joking here. You should have seen what the little guy did to Alterac Mountain.


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