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Netherbane Web Links

The Netherbane has existed since mid-2005. Since then we've met up with many different people, guilds, and organizations. In addition, we've also stumbled across some interesting and useful website resources.

Linked below is a selection of these various sites.

General Warcraft Information ( 04|05|2008 )
  • | Web Link | World of Warcraft - The official World of Warcraft page.
  • | Web Link | World of Warcraft: Earthen Ring Forums - The official message forums for the Earthen Ring US server, the home of the Netherbane.
  • | Web Link | World of Warcraft: Roleplaying Forums - The official roleplaying forums for World of Warcraft. Go here for forum RP, lore discussion, and other such story related talk.
  • | Web Link | WoWWiki - The centralized community source for World of Warcraft lore, strategies, and information. If you have a question about WoW, there's a high chance that there's a WoWWiki page about it here.
  • | Web Link | Earthen Ring Wiki - A community effort by the Earthen Ring players! This RP-centric site is a place where you'll find stories, artwork, and character histories for Earthen Ring members.
Allied Guilds and Organizations ( 04|05|2008 )
  • | Web Link | Black Temple or Bust - This is a loosely gathered organization of Netherbane allies that have banded together in an attempt to experience raid content.
  • | Web Link | SASU - Swords and Spells United (SASU) is an Earthen Ring US based alliance of players who attempt to experience high end raid content. They've been around for a good long while, and count among their membership many skilled players from all walks of this game.
  • | Web Link | The House of Stormrage - Perhaps the Netherbane's closest allies, the House of Stormrage has stood with the Netherbane for nearly two years now.
Miscellaneous Links ( 04|05|2008 )
  • | Web Link | RP Made Simple - A site generally geared towards helping new roleplayers and fostering RP, RP Made Simple (( formerly Hand of Valor )) is run by a dedicated Earthen Ring community member.
  • | Web Link | RP Archives - Run by Jim Moreno (who has a habit of cropping up almost everywhere in terms of the RP scene), this is a solid blog focused around roleplaying. I highly suggest you take a look.
  • | Web Link | Thott Bot - A searchable database of items and quests for World of Warcraft.
  • | Web Link | Allakhazam - A searchable database of items and quests for World of Warcraft.
  • | Web Link | WoWhead - A searchable database of items and quests for World of Warcraft.
  • | Web Link | MMO Champion - A World of Warcraft news site that covers information from many sources, including upcoming news hot off the public test realms.
  • | Web Link | WoW Insider - A World of Warcraft news site with a plethora of information regarding World of Warcraft.
  • | Web Link | The Conundrum Effect - The Conundrum Effect is the blog of one of the Netherbane's oldest allies. Check out his thoughts!
  • | Web Link | The Instance Podcast - A weekly (usually) podcast covering World of Warcraft and related news. The current hosts of the show are both players on Earthen Ring.
  • | Web Link | Epic Dolls Podcast - A largely female-centric World of Warcraft podcast from players on the Perenolde server. One of the Netherbane's longest allies, Stardancer, does a segment on the show.
  • | Web Link | WoW Item Creator - A rather neat little utility site that allows players to create items similar to those found in WoW. This one is purely for fun.

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