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So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. But two days ago (on the 17th, I believe) @Jezriyah, another one of those wonderful World of Warcraft twitter folk, had a birthday.

You see, she used to climb atop Tharion’s head and use his overly tall nelfbutt as a watchtower against enemies. Lokker, in his infinite (and sometimes frightening) wisdom… seems to have constructed a more “rugged” version for her to use.

…with eye beams.


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See? What do I keep saying. Everyone was born in the middle of the year!

This card goes out to a dear member of my World of Warcraft guild whose character is known as Shizukera Nightfury. She purrs. She’s a demon hunter. She’s … a purring demon hunter.

I should have probably drawn her purring at the tank, come to think of it… crap. Oh well, there’s always next year! Happy birthday, Shizu!

(By the way, she can be found on Twitter as @Shizukera.)

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What did I tell ya? Birthday central, I say! Today is the birthday of a close local friend of mine, Maria Clark, a.k.a. Lannia Winterstorm in World of Warcraft and @Arcania on Twitter.

I hope today goes well for you. May you have a happy birthday today and many more to come. Uhm… although you may wish to keep that priest bubble handy around Lokker. He can, indeed, be … dangerous.

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It seems like we’re in the middle of birthday central, doesn’t it? Well, today I wish to honor another; this time it’s the birthday of a Twitter friend known as @omgitsafox (that’s just the Twitter username, folks). Happy Birthday! May you have many more to come and may they all be joyous!

This card features good ol’ Yoggy, the plushie Old God of MADNESS AND INSANITY. And apparently a Yoggy cake as well… Gotta wonder how those Faceless Ones learned how to bake, don’t ya?

Hopefully “his fwibbliness” won’t mind me using his visage. Or putting words in his mouth(s). Also, apologies for the bad framing, but plush Old Gods are just too short to actually stay in frame…

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Little known to many of us, today is the birthday of Kelly Aarons (a.k.a. Cadistra) from World of Warcraft, Eh? To honor that day, I drew up this quickie little digital birthday card. I hope I did at least a little justice to Cadistra’s form! I’m still practicing…

Oh yeah, I also wrote a poem.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Lokker built you a cake.
So you may want to travel form and get the heck outta the place before it explodes or something…
…seriously, I’m not joking here. You should have seen what the little guy did to Alterac Mountain.


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